Why I’m voting Yes: Supriya and Pat’s stories

    This week, we’re launching a Together, Yes video series we think you’ll love. We sat down with a whole range of people across the Australian community to find out why they support an Indigenous Voice to parliament, and why it was so important for them to be part of Together, Yes.

    WATCH Why I’m voting Yes: Supriya’s story

    Supriya came to Australia from India. Here, she talks about why constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplen resonates so strongly with her own family history.

    WATCH Why I’m voting Yes: Pat’s story

    Pat is a publican from regional Victoria. In his line of work, he meets all kinds of people and plans to have as many conversations as possible about the 2023 referendum, and why he will be voting YES.


    We’ll be rolling these interviews out over the next few weeks. Share widely!


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